Board Secretary

Tammy Kamper

     Tammy Kamper's interest in the Goldenrod Showboat began when she noticed the Showboat being moved along the river where it was left to rest along the river banks near St. Charles.  She had never been inside the Showboat and was curious to learn about its history. She thought she would have time to eventually take a tour of the vessel, but one day she found, the boat that had been there for months, had disappeared. 

     She often wondered what ever became of the boat until one day, years later, she stumbled on the Facebook page for the Goldenrod Showboat and saw that they were looking for volunteers.  She made contact with the organization, became a volunteer and, finally, was able to go onboard the Goldenrod. The boat captured her heart and quickly became a topic of passion for Tammy. During her time with the Goldenrod effort she has assisted with three fundraising events, one of which she set up herself in her home town.   

     Tammy currently works in the accounting department in Washington, MO and is the proud mother of her four grown children and three grandchildren, Colton, Kylee, and Dallas whom she enjoys spending time with.  In her free time she enjoys boating, camping, and spending time outdoors.